Customize SHOCK

Tap your profile avatar to find the program management section. Here you can customize your training program according to your fitness goals.


SHOCK has four training programs from Level 1 beginner workouts to Level 4 advanced workouts. Your program level is determined by questions you answered upon signup. If you feel the difficulty isn't quite right, you can change your program level at any time.


After seven days SHOCK automatically advances you to the next week of your training program. You can go back to previous weeks to complete missed workouts or skip forward to work ahead.


Your weekly challenge workouts focus on specific body parts that you would like to target.

Choose a Focus option based on your specific fitness goals.


The types of challenges you receive each week are determined by the training Focus you selected in the program management section.

Arms & Abs: If you select this option your weekly challenges will target your arms, shoulders, and building a strong core.

Legs & Abs: If you select this option your weekly challenges will target your glutes, toning your legs, and abs.

Total Body: If you select this option your weekly challenges will target full-body strength, core stability, and cardio fitness.


Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation.

Choose the goal that best describes what you would like to accomplish.

SHOCK Fit: Get fit and improve overall fitness.

SHOCK Tone: Shed fat, build muscle tone, and improve cardio fitness.

SHOCK Shape: Be strong, feel confident, and achieve your best bikini beach body.

SHOCK Strong: Gain weight and build strength.