SHOCK App Guide

Four Levels

SHOCK has four training levels with beginner to advanced workouts and targeted focus challenges.

If you feel like the difficulty isn't quite right, you can change your training program at any time.

Fully compatible with
Apple watch

Complete entire workouts from your watch with no need for a phone. Wrist taps, vibrations, and sound alerts notify you when it's time to change exercises.

Home & gym workouts

Whether you're looking to get fitter and more confident, be stronger, lift heavier, work on your mind and body or all of the above — SHOCK has a program for you.


Sweat and burn more calories in less time with our HIIT cardio workouts.


Short on time or looking for a quick burn? Try our new quick workouts feature and break a sweat in 15-minutes or less!

Swap Exercises with an

SHOCK offers an alternative version for each exercise. If you don't have a certin type of equipment each workout is easily adaptable to a home environment. To view an alternate option: tap the screen during any workout and press the "Alternate" button in the lower right-hand corner.

Record & Share
Your progress

Take progress pictures every four weeks and share the results of your hard work with family and friends on social media!

Listen On
Apple Music

Break a sweat jaming to your favorite beats or one of our Apple Music playlists.