Training Guide

How to
Plan your workouts

There are three types of essential workouts you're expected to complete each week: strength, cardio, and challenges.

Schedule your week in advance to ensure you complete three strength workouts, all cardio sessions, and your weekly challenge.

Our quick workouts  are not essential to your program. These workouts are a fun way to mix things up and can be exchanged for your weekly challenges or added in for an extra sweat session.

A few Schedule

Here are a few ways you can schedule your workouts. Try to alternate days between strength and cardio.


How to Customize
Strength Workouts

The equipment needed for each workout can be seen in the overview.

Tap settings to customize your workouts by toggling your music audio and sound effects, and noise alerts.

You can choose to receive training guidance based on your heart-rate or rate of perceived exertion.

Training Zones

Exercise Overview

SHOCK has four training zones. To see the exercises for each zone, tap the overview button in the upper left-hand corner.


SHOCK Zones appear at the end of each circuit. These short-intervals are designed to boost your metabolism and burn calories.

Heart-Rate Training

Try to reach your heart-rate goals for each zone. SHOCK will guide the intensity of each circuit by providing personal training feedback to help you reach your zone goals.

Tap the Screen to See
Alternate Exercises

SHOCK offers an alternative version for each exercise. If you don't have a certain type of equipment each workout is easily adaptable to a home environment. To view an alternate option: tap the screen during any workout and press the "Alternate" button in the lower right-hand corner.


Low-Intensity Steady-State

SHOCK blends two styles of cardio: low-intensity, steady-state (LISS) and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). 

High-Intensity Interval-Training

Sweat and burn more calories in less time with our HIIT cardio workouts.



Complete your weekly challenge each week.

The types of challenges you receive each week are determined by the training Focus you selected in the program management section.

Try Our NEW
Quick workouts

Body-part focused exercises targeting your abs, arms, shoulders, booty, and legs.

Break a sweat in 15-minutes or less! Our quick workouts library gives you access to hundreds of home workouts making it easy for ladies who want to improve their fitness at-home!