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Go into your App Store app --> Tap on your Profile icon in the upper right hand corner --> Subscriptions → Find your SHOCK: Women's Fitness subscription and select Cancel.

Follow this link and complete the steps to cancel your subscription.

Go into your App Store app --> Tap on your Profile icon in the upper right hand corner --> Subscriptions → Find your SHOCK: Women's Fitness subscription and change your membership plan accordingly.

The first 7 days of the SHOCK App are free no matter which plan you choose! The different membership options are

1-month: $9.99 USD

3-month: $19.99 USD

1-year: $59.99 USD (best value)

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SHOCK: Women's Fitness is available on the Apple App Store.

Yes! SHOCK: Women's Fitness is available for all iPhone and Apple Watch users worldwide!


Yes!  --> Tap your profile avatar  -->  training program  --> manage your program. Learn more

Yes! There are videos of every exercise with detailed training instruction in the SHOCK workouts and challenges.

SHOCK workouts can be performed with minimal equipment at-home or the gym. To get the most out of SHOCK, all you need is a set of weights and a bench or chair.

Other types of equipment will be seen during the workouts and can be utilized for variety: jump rope, step, med ball, kettlebells, exercise ball, foam roller, and a BOSU ball.

Learn more about our alternate exercise feature and see how the SHOCK App can be used with no-equipment and bodyweight-only programs.

There are three types of essential workouts you're expected to complete each week: strength, cardio, and challenges.

Weekly Breakdown:

3 Strength Training (1 upper, 1 lower, 1 full)

2-3 Cardio (HIIT and LISS hybrid)

1 challenge workout

*Optional Quick workouts and On-demand classes to provide variety to keep things fresh and new.

Workout duration increases as your training level becomes more advanced. 

Time displayed in the dashboard and exercise overview reflects the exercise time only, and does not include rest time. The total duration of your workout will be determined by how much rest is needed between exercises or circuits.

Level 1 & 2 workouts are typically  30 - 40 minutes.

Level 3 & 4 workouts typically range between 40 - 45 minutes.

Yes! You can add any of our Quick Workouts to your SHOCK Training program, or you can complete as a standalone workout.

These workouts are only 10-15 minutes long and are designed to give you that extra push and deliver body-part focused exercises targeting your abs, arms, shoulders, booty, and legs. Learn more

Yes! You can change your program difficulty at any time. Learn how

SHOCK customizes each training program based upon your individual training goals. Weekly workout challenges in SHOCK are called 'Focus Challenges' because these workouts target body segments of your choice (those you would like to 'focus' on the most). 

Choose the Focus that best aligns with your training goals:

Arms & Abs: If you select this option your weekly challenges will target your arms, shoulders, and building a strong core.

Legs & Abs: If you select this option your weekly challenges will target your glutes, toning your legs, and abs.

Total Body: If you select this option your weekly challenges will target full-body strength, core stability, and cardio fitness. 

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Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. Choose the fitness goal that best describes what you would like to accomplish:

SHOCK Fit: Get fit and improve overall fitness.

SHOCK Tone: Shed fat, build muscle tone, and improve cardio fitness.

SHOCK Shape: Be strong, feel confident, and achieve your best bikini beach body.

SHOCK Strong: Gain weight and build strength.

You can change your fitness goal at any time in the program management section.

BOTH! SHOCK workouts are minimal equipment, but you can also incorporate more equipment if you would like to.

The equipment needed for each workout can be seen in the overview

If an exercise appears in your program with a piece of equipment you don't have --> Tap the screen --> Tap the Alternate button in the lower right hand corner. --> Swap the exercise in your program for the alternate option.

The SHOCK App is perfect for any fitness level. There are four levels to choose from: beginner, intermediate, difficult, and advanced athletes. As you get stronger, you can adjust the level to meet your desired needs!

SHOCK incorporate a progressive intensity principle, so your workouts and exercises become more advanced as the weeks go on, keeping things challenging, yet safe.

Live & On-Demand Classes

SHOCK Live is a place where our community members can sweat, feel encouraged, and reignite their self-belief.

Get fit with certified Personal Trainer Ashley Steele, and join women from all around the world for a variety of workouts that will leave you feeling strong, confident, and ready to take on the world! Learn More

Open the SHOCK App --> Tap the "Live" tab → Find a workout time that fits with your schedule the day of the class --> Tap the time you prefer. → The "Join Workout" button will change from grey to pink --> Tap "Join Workout" to sign up for the class. Learn More

We'll send you a push notification 10-minutes before your class begins and alert you once your class has started.

If your schedule changes and you can't make the class or would like to change times:

--> Open the SHOCK App --> Tap the SHOCK Live tab. --> Tap the "Leave" button. → You can now select a new class time option or wait until the workout is completed and available in the on-demand section.

YES! If you can't find a time that works for you, that's no problem! Our live classes will be available the next day in the on-demand section. You can stream all of our on-demand workouts anytime, at your convenience.

Use the search bar to find bodyweight and minimal equipment home workouts of your choice targeting your abs, arms, shoulders, booty, legs, and more!