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"The 12 Best Workout Apps"

#11 SHOCK: Women's Fitness

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She Who Dares Blog
Marielle Marlys

"The SHOCK app is perfect for everyone stuck at home. While fingers are crossed that gyms can reopen safely soon, until then download. this. freakin. app!!!"

Christina Dawidowicz

Check out Christina Dawidowicz amazing YouTube review of the SHOCK APP!

Jordan Lee Miller

Check out her blog titled: "My Review of the SHOCK Fitness App: An At-Home Workout Game Changer"

Chloe Marshall

"Real life sweat! SHOCK has some really great workout options for you at home. Each movement is easy to adjust depending on what your body can do and what you have at home!”


SHOCK App Review

Blake Eynon

"I’ve used multiple fitness apps, the SWEAT app and Fit by Katy, to name a few and the SHOCK fit app is by far my favorite! The app is entirely user friendly, the workouts are so incredibly easy to follow and I’m not exaggerating when I say they feel like they’ve been perfectly tailor to my own abilities. They’re great for in the gym or at home and all around just really effective. If you’re looking for a fitness app I HIGHLY recommend it!”

CBS Tech Talk

Jessica Naziri founder of TechSesh.co mentions SHOCK as one of the top fitness apps during this CBS News segment.


“I love to exercise, but self-directed workouts are so intimidating. I never know if I’m doing the right thing, let alone enough of it! SHOCK makes it super easy to follow a professional’s lead right from my mat at home. A total blessing for my busy schedule!”


“SHOCK was so easy to navigate right off the bat! I knew I wanted to focus on abs for my workout and the app brought me to a quick and challenging ab series, which was exactly what I was looking for."

@ mckinnafaye

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy listed SHOCK as one of her favorite home workout apps!