Split Elevation Bicep Curl

See how to do split elevation bicep curls with SHOCK Personal Trainer Ashley Steele!

How to Split Elevation Curl

Primary Muscles: Upper Body,  Biceps

Exercise Families: Arms

Equipment: Dumbbell

Trainer: Ashley Steele


  1. Stand in a split stance maintaining good posture with your feet hip-width apart, arms at your sides, and palms facing the ceiling in a supinated wrist position. Elevate both arms approximately 60-degrees in the air and hold the position.

  2. Tighten your biceps to curl the weights toward your shoulders. Pause, holding the up-position briefly, and slowly extend your arms until both elbows are fully straight.

  3. Be sure to keep your arms lifted in the air, not allowing your elbows to fall toward the ground as you perform the curl motion. Engage your abs to stabilize your spine. 

  4. You should feel this exercise working your biceps, shoulders, and challenging your core. 

Alternative Exercises:

Elevation Bicep Curl  Concentration Curl

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